Thursday, December 4, 2008


Rates as of June 1, 2016
The following list details rates. Please call (920) 213-4932 for a quote on homes outside of Oshkosh. Remember, we drive to your house, and all pet care takes place in your home.

Initial Consultation (required for all first time clients) No charge.

  • Please allow about 30 mins. During the consultation we discuss your pet's needs, contact information, and scheduling.

Potty Break $16. Brief visit to let your dog out to go potty

Regular Visit $20-$22 Feed, give meds, potty,  walk, & love up your dogs (about 30 mins)

Cat Care $18-20 Feed and cuddle your kitty, and scoop litter box, give meds.

Black Wolf, Omro, Larsen, Neenah & Winneconne
Regular Visit for Dogs $22-25

Cat Care $18-20