Pet Sitting & Dog Walking Services


Pet Sitting & Dog Walking Services

Oshkosh Unleashed is the premier Pet Sitting and Dog Walking provider for Oshkosh, Omro, Black Wolf, and Winneconne, WI. Whether you're at work, or on vacation, Oshkosh Unleashed has the perfect solution to your dog and cat care needs.
We will take your dog out for walks and potty breaks, play fetch, and feed and administer medications. We can also feed your cat, scoop the litter box, and perform any other tasks you may need, like bringing in the mail or taking out the trash.
We want to be your premier pet sitter, so before any services are rendered we will schedule a time to come to your home to meet you and your furry friends and get important information regarding your pet’s needs.

Our rates are the same no matter how many pets you have!

Dog Care

May include potty, feeding, medication, fetch, snuggle time, walk, snacks-depending on your dogs needs.

Cat Care

We provide loving care for your cat including feeding, medication, playtime, scooping the litter box, etc.


About Me

Oshkosh Unleashed! is owned by Julie Gibson. Julie is a native of Oshkosh, WI and earned a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree from the University of Wisconsin. She has conducted wildlife conservation and biological research in Wisconsin and Michigan. Julie has worked professionally in the areas of biology, ornithology, and zoology. Her fascination with animal behavior has happily progressed to our beloved dog and cat friends.

A rare catch!

This beautiful Golden Eagle was banded and released at Cedar Grove Ornithological Station. Believe it or not, Golden Eagles wander very far, even into Wisconsin, but catching one is rare! I was very lucky to be there to see this majestic eagle sent on its way with a new "bracelet."


Are You Interested In Hawks & Owls?

I have researched birds in several states. Many autumns I help trap and band migrating Hawks and Owls along Lake Michigan, near Cedar Grove, WI. They have been banding birds of prey there for over 50 years. Check out my Raptor Website if you want to learn more. Check out these amazing pics of birds we banded in 2008.



Rates as of Nov. 2023
The following list details rates. Please call (920) 213-4932 for a quote on homes outside of Oshkosh. Remember, we drive to your house and all pet care takes place in your home.

Initial Consultation (required for all first time clients) $30.

  • Please allow 30mins. During the consultation we discuss your pet's needs, contact information, and scheduling.
Oshkosh area:

Regular Visit $24-30. Feed, water, give meds, potty, walk, & love up your dogs, cuddle your kitty, scoop litter box, and give meds. Can also check mail, etc. 

Outside Oshkosh area: for example Omro, Larsen, Neenah & Winneconne:

Regular Visit $35-45. Feed, water, give meds, potty, walk, & love up your dogs, cuddle your kitty, scoop litter box, and give meds. Can also check mail, etc. 

Longer distances quoted personally. Please contact to discuss.